Everything clear.

Highly qualified and individual auditing from MSW.

We conduct audits of annual and consolidated financial statements as well as special audits and other assurance services with a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of our clients' business and environment. We develop an individually tailored audit approach and carry out the audits effectively and with added value for our clients. The aim of the audits is to create more transparency and thus confidence in a company and its value.

Final audits

With sense and sensibility. Auditing annual and consolidated financial statements.

You and your company are at the centre of our audit approach. In addition to the obligatory audit of the correctness of the accounting and the financial statements, we identify existing risks and potentials as a basis for the further development of your company.

The suitability and reliability of business processes and risk control measures become transparent for you. Within the framework of our consistently risk-oriented audit approach, we thus ensure that the audit of the financial statements generates additional benefits for your company beyond the legally required audit opinion and supports the sustainable positive development of your company.

The basis for our audit services is a highly demanding quality assurance system that complies with professional requirements in all respects.

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Listed companies of public interest (PIE)

On the pulse of the capital market.

As a Capital Markets Partner of Deutsche Börse AG, we have a special relationship to listed companies of public interest (§ 264d HGB). With our many years of experience in the capital markets, we generate decisive added value in dealing with the corporate governance, accounting and auditing requirements resulting from capital market listing.

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International financial reporting (IFRS)

Brought to the point. International financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Our aim is to ensure that the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are implemented in a way that fits your company perfectly. We pursue this goal both in the preparation of IFRS financial statements and the conversion to IFRS as well as in the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements of international groups of companies.

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Special audits and other assurance services

Building trust. Special audit services.

In addition to conducting audits of financial statements, there is still a need for special audit services and attestations. With our needs-based approach, we achieve results that strengthen confidence in your company and secure competitive advantages.

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